Touhou 19: Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost

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General Information About Story Mode Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In story mode, there are several mechanics you need to be aware of to understand what happens in the game. Unlike Touhou 3 and Touhou 9, you do not actually have to outlast a timer to win, or wait for the AI to lose all its lives, although the latter is one way to win. The main way to win the match is going through all the predetermined progression phases without losing all your lives. Phase transitions will always result in the enemy sending an attack (ex or boss), and this occurs without the AI needing to charge their gauge. Attacks sent by the AI charging their gauge do not count towards stage progression. The last progression phase is always a boss, and once this boss disappears, the stage will end, and the player will win (timing out a boss pattern has the same effect as shooting it down). If the player loses all their lives, they can continue (any number of times), which will restart the fight and reset its progress.

To progress through each phase, the player can kill enemies (including spirits), use level 2, level 3 or level 4 charges. Higher hit count will advance the stage faster. Sending an extra attack with a level 3 charge or sending a boss with a level 4 charge will significantly advance the stage, usually allowing the player to reach the next phase. A level 2 charge progresses the stage as well, but it is not as significant as level 3 and level 4 charges. It is important to note that the phases will not advance while there is a boss on the screen, so if the player wants to advance through the phases, they have to defeat the boss first.

The Story Mode fight logic has been reverse engineered and is now fully understood. The exact values used as well as the enemy behavior depending on stage and difficulty can both be found in this document:

Each shottype has its own unique scope, level 1, level 2 (skill), level 3 (extra attack) and level 4 (boss) charges. Not all of these tools can be used mindlessly. For example, Rin Kaenbyou's extra attack spawns a bunch of spirits. This extra attack is great at overwhelming the AI, but against certain opponents, it can be extremely detrimental. The playstyle of every character will be given in their respective Shottype and Story Mode Route section, as not every shottype benefits from quickly advancing the stage.

Major Versions[edit | edit source]

UDoALG has two major versions: 1.00a and 1.10c. Documentation about 1.10c is currently sparse, and information in the rest of this page (and related sub-pages) may only be accurate to 1.00a.

To continue competing in and shooting for personal achievements in version 1.00a, players with a Steam copy can refer to the following guide: Downgrading Versions on Steam. Players with a disk copy would be advised to make a backup of their game folder before applying the updater (which can be found here)

Shottype and Story Mode Route Information:[edit | edit source]

Reimu Hakurei

Marisa Kirisame

Sanae Kochiya

Ran Yakumo

Aunn Komano



Rin Kaenbyou

Tsukasa Kudamaki

Mamizou Futatsuiwa

Yachie Kicchou

Saki Kurokoma

Yuuma Toutetsu

Suika Ibuki

Biten Son

Enoko Mitsugashira

Chiyari Tenkajin

Hisami Yomotsu

Zanmu Nippaku