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222 is an early Embodiment of Scarlet Devil scorerunner.

222's scoring efforts were confined in the Normal difficulty of EoSD, achieving 207 million with ReimuA in June 12, 2003. In October 2005 they made a brief comeback to achieve 245 million with MarisaA, 266 million with ReimuB and 255 million with ReimuA, all being new World Records. Of the three scores from 2005, they would hold the Normal ReimuA record the longest, keeping the record for a little over two years when Kagamin (かがみん) beat his last standing record.

Notable scores[edit | edit source]

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil[edit | edit source]

Difficulty Shottype Score Date Replay/Video Remarks
Normal Reimu A 207,139,600 2003/06/12 Former WR
Normal Marisa A 245,678,060 2005/10/02 Former WR
Normal Reimu B 266,785,840 2005/10/13 Former WR
Normal Reimu A 255,598,430 2005/10/16 Former WR

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