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Aeteas is an American scorerunner.

He is most known for currently holding the Normal Sanae World Record in Unconnected Marketeers with a score of 4.552 billion. This score was set on May 4th, 2022, beating zvs's score of 4.035 billion. On May 7th, 2021, he also briefly held the Easy Reimu World Record with a score of 1.355 billion, beating KirbyComment's score of 1.055 billion. For one day he also held the Normal Sakuya record with 5.016 billion points, to get beaten by Crested with a score of 5.082 billion.

Aeteas previously also performed some scoring efforts in 2017, where he ended up holding the Normal ReimuB World Record in Double Dealing Character with a 897 million score. K・G beat his score four months later with a score of 900 million.

Notable scores[edit | edit source]

Double Dealing Character[edit | edit source]

Difficulty Character Score Date Replay Remarks
Normal Reimu B 897,637,460 2019/04/01 Former WR

Unconnected Marketeers[edit | edit source]

Difficulty Character Score Date Replay Remarks
Easy Reimu 1,355,926,250 2021/05/07 Former WR
Normal Sakuya 5,016,195,340 2021/05/14 Former WR
Normal Sanae 4,552,510,430 2022/05/04 Current WR

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