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Aha is a scorerunner most known for his Youmu records in Ten Desires, even holding the overall World Record, scoring 4.12 billion.

In 2020 they first beat the Hard record, scoring 3.974 billion and later 4.000 and 4.042 billion. The 4.042 billion record on Hard was achieved on October 6, 2020, making it one of few instances where a game's overall World Record was on a difficulty other than Lunatic. Aha would then chase down the Lunatic record, after which the overall record stood back on Lunatic again two months after the Hard record was set, with a score of 4.056 billion. This score was further raised to 4.077 billion and then 4.12 billion.

Notable scores[edit | edit source]

Ten Desires[edit | edit source]

Difficulty Shottype Score Date Replay/Video Remarks
Hard Youmu 3,974,342,300 2020/08/11 Former WR
Hard Youmu 4,000,044,240 2020/10/05 Former WR
Hard Youmu 4,042,456,790 2020/10/06 Former overall WR / Current WR
Normal Youmu 2,087,471,200 2020/10/25 Current WR
Lunatic Youmu 4,056,349,900 2020/12/13 Former (overall) WR
Lunatic Youmu 4,077,572,130 2020/12/20 Former (overall) WR
Lunatic Youmu 4,120,162,760 2021/01/03 Current overall WR

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