Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith/S4

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Momiji Inubashiri[edit | edit source]

Momiji is the Midboss of Stage 4 and presents one of the hardest (If not the hardest, according to some people) attacks in the game. There are two standard macro strategies involved with this Midboss, which involve wether or not you want to do the Stage Section right after, which we will call Waterfall 2 and is, all things considered, a fairly precise route with a certain degree of nuance involved.

Shooting Momiji from the get go will make you face Waterfall 2, to which we will detail the route involved in the next section of the article. This is generally called doing the Momiji quickkill, which I (Taprus) would say is the more reliable and consistent method.

Otherwise, if you don't want to have to face Waterfall 2, you can stall the kill of Momiji. As ReimuB, to get the correct timing, you can use the audio cue of the waves Momiji shoots to know when to start shooting: You want to start shooting down Momiji a bit after the 3rd wave is shot. If you end the Midboss at 14 seconds remaining or less, you know you've done it right: You can now go to the far left corner and slowly stream right for an effortless end of waterfall.

Here is a video showing a very standard Momiji stall.

Waterfall 2[edit | edit source]

We are assuming here that you have quickkilled Momiji. With ReimuB this would mean that you ended the midboss at around 18~16 seconds remaining (The Timer remains visible for about a second after you kill the Midboss).

Waterfall 2 will involve slowly streaming towards the left and doing two (Three if you killed Momiji particularly early, around the low 18s remaining mark, we will show an example later on) cutbacks at very specific open gaps that will open up. The openings are always the same and the main variance will come from how far the vertical rice walls extend. Here is a video showing a very standard Waterfall 2 (+Momiji)

In case you kill very early you will see the first vertical rice wall from the left extend to the middly: This is your cue to want to do a third cutback near the start. You will still look for the same exact open gap.