Touhou 13: Ten Desires/Stage 2

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Pre-Midboss stage portion[edit | edit source]

The stage starts off with some yin-yangs firing aimed bullets at you, these can be easily dodged by streaming and the yin-yangs can easily be taken out before they're able to shoot a lot. After the title card, some fairies shooting static simple patterns will spawn, these can just be memorized and even without memorization aren't a big threat. More yin-yangs will spawn in the top left and top right corners of the screen, firing rows of kunai in seven directions. This part is also not very difficult, just shoot, and remember that the bottom middle of the screen will generally be pretty safe. Life and bomb spirit time. Now some fairies will shoot aimed bullets at you woohoo!!! Just stream.

Midboss[edit | edit source]

Midboss nonspell[edit | edit source]

Kyouko's midboss nonspell consists of her shooting arrowheads which ricochet against the walls, after which she'll slowly move sound barriers (or whatever they are) closer to her, making the screen pretty bullet dense right under her. The pattern isn't very difficult and you can just move outside of the sound barriers to make the non even easier, especially as Reimu, since you can still deal damage with homing even when yo're not right under kyouko.

Midboss spell[edit | edit source]

The spell is just dodging from all sides under Kyouko, nothing special, can be a bit tricky once in a blue moon but is generally fine if you're awake.

Post-Midboss stage portion[edit | edit source]

Just more of the same from the pre-midboss stage section oh lord. There's some funky stuff going on with life and bomb fairies at the end which sometimes spawn and sometimes don't.

(I want to nominate this stage portion for THE most boring stage in non-WBaWC Touhou)