Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character/Raiko Horikawa

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Non-Spell #1[edit | edit source]

This non-spell consists of a ring of 14 rice triangles that slowly rotate counterclockwise then clockwise, changing direction periodically.

Spellcard #1 | First Drum "Raging Temple Taiko"[edit | edit source]

9 drums are spawned at the top of the screen, with one marked with a skull. When the drum is killed, it spawns a ring of rice triangles.

The drum marked with a skull will explode into the ring of rice triangles when it touches the bottom of the playing field.

Non-Spell #2[edit | edit source]

Raiko spawns 6 clumps containing 10 bullets per clump.

Spellcard #2 | Second Drum "Vengeful Spirit Aya-no-Tsuzumi"[edit | edit source]

Raiko will initially spawns two waves of 4 spirits. Raiko will then spawn a stream of spirits starting from the top-right to the top-left going clockwise. All spirits that reach the edge of the playing field will turn into rice triangles and two bullets that shoot in the opposite direction of the edge that it reached (ex. spirit that touches the left side will fire bullets right).

Non-Spell #3[edit | edit source]

This non-spell fires rings of rice triangles that bounce off the top, left, and right sides of the playing field.

Spellcard #3 | Third Drum "Three Strikes at Midnight"[edit | edit source]

Raiko spawns three drums that go toward the left, middle, and right of the playing field. The left drum will rotate counterclockwise, right drum will rotate clockwise, and the middle drum will move left and right, keeping the same angle. All three drums will fire a barrage of bullets periodically.

Non-Spell #4[edit | edit source]

This non-spell is similar to non-spell #1

Spellcard #4 | Death Drum "Land Percuss"[edit | edit source]

Raiko spawns rings of bullets and periodically shakes the screen, randomly accelerating and decelerating bullets.

Non-Spell #5[edit | edit source]

Raiko spawns clumps of bullets similar to non-spell #2 spawning on her left and right.

Spellcard #5 | Fifth Drum "Den-Den Daiko"[edit | edit source]

Raiko periodically spawns two sets of curving lasers, curving right then left with additional, glowing bullets that are vaguely aimed towards you (aimed at you with high angle variance). The rate of fire of these glowing bullets are gradually increasing as the spell goes on.

Non-Spell #6[edit | edit source]

This non-spell fires rings of rice triangles that bounce off the top, left, and right sides of the screen. The fire rate of this pattern is increased with lower density compared to non-spell #3.

Spellcard #6 | Sixth Drum "Alternate Sticking"[edit | edit source]

Raiko will bounce off the right and left sides of the playing field, spawning a combination glowing bullets and regular bullets. The density of these bullets increase every wave.

Non-Spell #7[edit | edit source]

This non-spell is like non-spell #2 except rice triangles are added.

Spellcard #7 | Seventh Drum "High Speed Taiko Rocket"[edit | edit source]

Raiko spawns waves of ten drums that initially go up then accelerate downwards with a laser behind them. Additionally, two drums are spawned that spawn red bullets, has a laser behind them, and upon reaching the bottom of the playing field, explodes into rice triangles.

Non-Spell #8[edit | edit source]

This non-spell spawns very wide rice triangles that alternates between rotating counterclockwise and clockwise.

Spellcard #8 | Eighth Drum "Thunder God's Anger"[edit | edit source]

Raiko spawns waves of curving lasers that alternate between curving right then left. After spawning a wave of lasers, random glowing bullets are spawned.

Spellcard #9 | Blue Lady Show[edit | edit source]

Raiko removes her hitbox and turns blue. Rings of notes spawn from the corners of the playing field with a slow rotation. There are brief periods of time where the notes stop spawning, indicating a "phase transition" which restarts the fire rate of the notes. During the "second phase", the notes are able to be fired more often. During the "third phase," the notes fire even more frequently and rings of aimed rest notes are introduced.

Route[edit | edit source]

"Blue Lady Show" capture using a route.

Due to the fact that the notes fire in the exact same fashion every time, a route can be developed for this spellcard.

Here is one possible strategy:

For the "first phase," move in a counterclockwise rectangular fashion at the bottom of the playing field, looking at and moving through the "note lanes."

For the "second phase," do the same except in a clockwise direction.

For the "third phase," continue moving through the notes in a clockwise direction. When the rests start spawning, you should be at the bottom left looking to move up through a note lane. Move up, then right through two note lanes. Horizontally align to the right of a rest (about 2/3rds right of the playing field), move down, then dash left into a tight gap between the rest and note lane. From here, a "lane of rests" should clearly form and allow you to safely continue the rectangular movement.

Spellcard #10 | Pristine Beat[edit | edit source]

Throughout this spell, Raiko periodically spawns a ring of rest notes that are aimed around the player in combination of rings of rice triangles. Upon reaching the second phase, the fire rate increases and adds another bullet spawn point. Similarly, the third and fourth phase increases the fire rate and number of spawn points. Upon reaching the final phase, aimed rings of notes are introduced. It is also notable that all bullets are cleared on screen upon reaching the next phase, with the exception of the final phase transition.