Touhou 17: Wily Beast and Weakest Creature/Stage 1

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First-Half[edit | edit source]

Scoring[edit | edit source]

Nothing major happens in this first half, focus on collecting power and 4 otters.

Midboss[edit | edit source]

Scoring[edit | edit source]

Depending on the shot you play, spawning the Jellyfish token without a bomb is often challenging, or rarely impossible (whenever she moves 3 times in the same direction, about 10% chance).

Youmu has it easy, as she can slash Eika twice before she even spawns wisps, after that it's very easy to shoot her down with 0 risk of killing wisps

Video 1

Marisa and Reimu have it hard, you might want to consider bombing the spell to damage her before she spawns wisps and safely kill her. the bomb should be timed using some kind of cue a few seconds before Eika enters the screen, use whatever fits you. If you choose to go no bomb, there are things you can do to help spawning the token as consistent as possible.

  • limit your horziontal movement
  • start as high as you can on screen, and move down slowly. The bullets spawned by the wisps are losely aimed towards you, slowly descending from high on screen helps with delaying dodging bullets.
  • If you need to move horizontally, make it quick, don't shoot when doing it, and move back to the middle asap.
  • There is this little safespot you can do on the very first wave to help doing all of the previous points, refer to video 1

Second-Half[edit | edit source]

Scoring[edit | edit source]

2 hypers are done in this section, one is a 4 otter right after the blue fairies streaming, and a neutral hyper on the last 3 fairy section, using 4 fish and the jellyfish. The important thing here is to make sure the second hyper times out before boss dialogue.

Doing this is quite simple, the execution becomes challenging if either of the 2 following things are attempted:

  • Getting 3 power into Eika, optimal for PiV gain
  • Duping jellyfish, which requires tight timings. Gets the extra life piece, and 3 extra tokens, the extra tokens are used on eika for consumptions.

If both of these things are attempted together, it becomes especially hard. The following part will detail about correctly setting up both points.

Blue Fairies[edit | edit source]

You normally stream this section at the bottom of the screen, occasionally re-streaming back to collect power. It can be hard to start the 4 otter hyper at the correct timing in the next section, as the screen will still be loaded with bullets from this section. It's not uncommon to see non-Youmu shoots bomb this section to help with power collection, and to start an easy hyper. Another method you can try is standing at the top of the screen, and moving back and forth killing all the fairies, but because of the random fire rate of the fairies, and the random tokens moving in the way, doing this is quite hard.

First & Second Hyper[edit | edit source]

First off, timing of the activation should be about 0.5 seconds after the fourth set of wisps spawns, from here you never stop shooting. If you are attempting 3 power into Eika, it's important to start the hyper using the power token, otherwise you will find yourself needing to dupe going for 2 power tokens instead of just one (Potentially hard, if you don't use both power tokens, you can't get 3 power).

Example of first hyper + dupe, with all tips mentioned

The wisps will move to the position you were at when they first spawn, you can use this to attempt to misdirect the wisps at the very top of the screen, where it's gonna be easier to kill them. to optimize PiV you want to preferebly shoot all 3 fairies. All of what I just mentioned is quite easy to do if you bombed blue fairies, if you didn't your best bet is usually to hyper using the closest fish, and deal with wisps moving down.

After the 3 fairies, you move down to the bottom right and slowly stream. the last fairies in the second and fourth row of fairies (from left to right) contain fish tokens, the right one has the power token. The hyper will roughly time out after all fairies are dead and the screen is mostly clear of bullets, this is where you dupe and start the neutral hyper.

While it is ideal to dupe using only fishes, it is often problematic, it's not a big loss if you end up uusing both beasts that will be on screen, the only tokens that really matter here are the jellyfish, and the power token IF you are attempting 3 power Eika.

Bullets on this last section are static, make sure to kill all 3 fairies as they all drop beast tokens