Touhou 8: Imperishable Night/Marisa Kirisame

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IN Stage 4B Boss

Non-Spell #1[edit | edit source]


Spell Card #1 | Magic Space 「Asteroid Belt」[edit | edit source]

The large stars are static, but the small stars from the side are random. The clusters of small stars that come from above are also static. It's best to focus on the small stars, and switch between large star lanes when needed.

Non-Spell #2[edit | edit source]

The bullets on this nonspell are static based on Marisa's position. By always leading her in the same movements (Boss Leading), you can make the pattern nearly static, although vertical movement RNG will still cause some variation. It's also extremely dense, so it's recommended to practice it repeatedly to find a route that works well.

Spell Card #2 | Black Magic 「Event Horizon」[edit | edit source]


Non-Spell #3[edit | edit source]

For most shots that fight Marisa, you can go to the corner if the pattern gets too dense, and then rely on your range until the pattern has calmed down a bit. Arguably Marisa's most random pattern.

Spell Card #3 | Love Storm 「Starlight Typhoon」[edit | edit source]

Safe capture/timeout strat

Note: You need to be above a certain height in order for the stars to have the speed shown here; if you go too low, the stars will move slower, making the pattern denser and harder to dodge.


Remember that the small stars are aimed. Try to generally move in 1 direction at a time while dodging the lasers and large stars, then restream when you get the opportunity to.

Non-Spell #4[edit | edit source]


Spell Card #4 | Loving Heart 「Double Spark」[edit | edit source]


Spell Card #5 | Light Blast 「Shoot the Moon」[edit | edit source]



The lines of stars are aimed. When Marisa shoots them, move out of the way. It can be helpful to misdirect them ahead of time.

Last Spell | Magicannon 「Final Master Spark」[edit | edit source]