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First Half[edit | edit source]

4 waves of pinwheels spawn left/right/left/right, shooting aimed bullets at Hard/Lunatic. Stream or spawnkill these enemies.

Then, stream the aimed kunais while avoiding the blue bullets and the descending fairies.

Spawnkill the blue fairies that spawn left/right/left/right while avoiding the red bullets from the rest of the fairies.

Stream the aimed blue kunais again while avoiding the red bullets afterwards.

Mid Boss Nonspell[edit | edit source]

Meiling alternates between shooting a pattern of blue bullets downwards, and a ring of red bullets. In Hard/Lunatic she shoots aimed red rice rings in between the blue and red pattern. Try to go past the red rings early to avoid having to dodge both patterns at once.

Mid Boss Spell 1[edit | edit source]

Placeholder After defeating this spell, Meiling will drop a 1Up Item.

Second Half[edit | edit source]

Fairies will shoot 2 sets of static Kunai walls + aimed bullets. You want to speedkill some of these fairies to create more room and stream the kunais.

This will be followed by random falling white balls and aimed kunais, which you will also want to stream.

Following this will be another set of falling white balls and kunai walls. In lunatic you may want to speedkill the middle fairies to reduce bullet density in the center.

Stream the rest of the aimed kunais afterwards.

At the end, shoot the fairies at one of the edges and move above them to avoid the kunai walls and random white bullets.