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Aelita is a scorerunner for Mountain of Faith.

In 2021 they achieved a new World Record on the Lunatic MarisaB category, scoring 2.197 billion. This category hadn't seen a new record in nearly nine years at that time. At the start of next year, Aelita improved this record further with a score of 2.199 billion. Aelita was the World Record holder for this category until September 3, 2022 when dxk beat their score with a 2.202 billion run.

Notable scores[edit | edit source]

Mountain of Faith[edit | edit source]

Difficulty Shottype Score Date Replay/Video Remarks
Lunatic Marisa B 2,197,705,510 2021/06/24 Former WR
Lunatic Marisa B 2,199,923,200 2022/01/17 Former WR

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